Howl at that silvery blood moon…

I begin this blog at exactly the moment I am supposed to. I wasn’t called to until now and quite honestly, I don’t know how to feel about it. I’m busier than ever with more pressure than ever. It’s not exactly the intuitive best time to begin a blog. But my spirit wanders and my craft beckons me to oblige.

It is an evening of lunar filled magick with the super blood wolf moon eclipse of January in this year. For hours I have been swept into the tidal pull of this glorious lunar lady tugging at me.

Timelapse of a blood moon lunar eclipse

It all began today when I returned from seeing Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse with my son (fun and fantastic)! That lunar siren urged me away from all the reading and studying I had planned and I heard her singing, “yes, you’ve already decided, come to me.” And, she was right. It was time.

I cast my circle and grew roots deep into the earth, then pointed my athame to the heavens as I called in the corners, Mama Earth, Papa Sky. They came to me and I sat with them to work the candle spell that I knew would be the first time since heeding the call of the Moon that I would ask for something so pragmatic: math skills and the ability to learn them well enough to become comfortable with them.

I cast the candle spell and as it burned, I turned my gaze back upon that shining face so bright and low in the sky she cast long lunar shadows as I placed out the water for her to silver, the athame and wand to consecrate, a scrying sphere whose spirit and sage visions have evaded me, and my dearest geodes to capture her magnificent charge. Under her light I swayed, entranced by her magnetic beauty and size reflecting bright and clear upon the pool waters.

As the eclipse began, I planned the tarot spread I would do when the waning began.

Orion danced into the west sky leading the shadowy orb to her peak as I pulled the cards. After gathering in the silvered water and magick-infused geodes, scrying sphere, athame, and wand, I felt the crushing release of hours of ecstasy. In an instant, the shadow pulled and I knew it was time to get to work. Before returning to the cards, I looked one last time upon her crimson veiled face and did what any good witch would. I howled at that silvery blood moon.

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